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The Wudang Gong Fu & Health Academy is a small school offering authentic traditional Wudang internal martial arts training. The school is located in the legendary Wudang Mountains, Hubei province, China. We invite people from all over the world to come here and learn Gong Fu. Here, we offer a special program that covers the essential training of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai. When you have finished the basic training, there is the opportunity to become a Wudang Disciple and a genuine lineage holder in the tradition of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai.

Our teacher is Master Tang Li Long, one of the main disciples of Grandmaster You Xuan De. Tang Shifu has a great deal of experience with Wudang internal martial arts and has created a unique system with true essence. Under his guidance you will learn an authentic practice, as preserved within the Wudang mountains.

Tang Li Long’s vision is to spread the knowledge and practices of Wudang around the world by creating and building up a new academy and family within Xuan Wu Pai: a family where the members will always have a place to call home in Wudangshan; a family that will preserve the traditional teachings and stay in accord with “the natural way” (道法自然, dào fǎ zì rán ); a family of brothers and sisters from different backgrounds, able to mutually share their knowledge and experiences. Since 2013 Tang Li Long has had a place of his own, where he has turned an abstract vision into reality. He invites everyone to be part of his school.