Whether you may want to come for a short stay (even if only one week), or to commit to long-term training here (possibly over several years), we can offer a range of study options depending on each individual’s needs.

Please read on for elaboration on the nature of the training here, as well as details  for a 9-section long-term program (from which you may choose elements to study for a short-term stay, depending on your ability) and the fees.  

The Method

According to Master Tang Li Long, the traditional way of Wudang Pai has to possess 3 elements, the internal work and health benefits, the Daoistic principles and the martial application. If one or two of them are missing, it is not Wudang Pai. Tang Li Long’s teachings build from the 10 Daoistic principles of Wudang, which contains the Daoistic manual of internal cultivation, the meta-structure and narrative of the world and the fighting principles of Wudang Pai. This makes our way seem slow and unstructured but in-fact it is progressive and profound. The focus is on the internal work, and making the body move as one, where the Bufa (步法,footwork), Shenfa (身法,body motion) and Shoufa (手法,hand skills) will not be separated and one’s Shen (神,spirit) should become manifest in the form of one’s movements. The method will provide one with the structure, and from this structure, one’s physical body, energy and spirit will determine the path one walks and the way one will look like in one’s expression (of the movements). In the end, our movements should be just a natural response to our surroundings. Some people like it this way and some people don’t, it demands patience and trust. This means that besides the external and internal cultivation, there is also, inside the teachings, a self-cultivation of your personality. So, please ask yourself if this is really what you want, if the answer is no, there are many other schools you can turn to. If your answer is yes, please contact us for more information!


Bai Ri Zhu Ji (百日筑基,One Hundred Days to Build the Foundation).

It is said that the first 100 days are the most important phase of the training for building up the Qi, body structure and the 6 harmonies. With a good and solid foundation your future training will give good results. The long-term program consists of 9-sections, 3-months each, to fit the schedule, but of course it is possible for those who may wish to come and do a full 100 days.

Become a Wudang Disciple.

If you follow this schedule step by step and train hard, you will get a proper foundation and reach a good level of Gong Fu. You start as a beginner, but after the full program is over you will be a true disciple of the Wudang Pai. This is the traditional way of the Wudang Neijia teachings from the Daoist Temples of Wudang Shan.