Standards of Conduct

Personal Conduct at the Academy

Treating people with dignity and respect is the highest priority for Master Tang, his disciples and all students alike. In order to maintain a positive atmosphere for living and training, we ask that all occupants of the academy follow a few simple rules. The following Personal Conduct Rules are posted in living spaces and common areas.

Personal Conduct

  • Be aware of and comply with the rules posted in the tea room
  • Students about treat Tang Shifu with due respect, as well as addressing each other in a respectful manner, at all times.
  •  Be on training grounds promptly, i.e. 08:30 for the morning training. If you can’t make training, please notify another student beforehand.
  • Please respect the personal space of others and be courteous to those doing their practice. Don’t interrupt them or make excess noise.
  • Please do not disturb Tang Shifu when the door to his room is closed.
  • Be conscientious of the level of noise:
    • During the quiet hours (21:00 – 07:00 and 12:00 – 14:30) keep noise to a minimum and turn out the exterior lights.
    • Play music at a reasonable level and be aware of others in the immediate area.
    • No Iron Palm or stomping footwork upstairs, e.g. XingYi stepping on the upstairs balconies.
  • No smoking within the school grounds. This is a ‘Health Academy’.
  • Take care of your personal belongings at all times, this is not a closed facility.
  • Be conscientious when feeding the animals. It may lead to problematic expectations/behavior from the animals later and it’s unhealthy for them.
  • Gentle use of the school equipment. You are responsible for repairing/replacing any damaged equipment.
  • Weekly cleaning responsibilities will be completed before departing for the weekend
  • Cleanliness and orderliness of the school is everyone’s responsibility, i.e. do not let personal items linger in public spaces, so no food/trash on the window sills, or on the ground. Do not leave personal items unattended, e.g. reclaim clothes off the line when they are dry.

Student Conduct away from the school

  • Tang Shifu is responsible for every student, keep him aware of your whereabouts while away from the school.
  • Each student is a representative of Tang Shifu and the school. Avoid frequenting bars and becoming publicly intoxicated. Brothels are strictly forbidden
  • When traveling out of the area, ask Tang Shifu before planing the travel.


  • Smoking in the rooms and on the grounds is forbidden without exception.
  • Electrical Safety: turn of lights, heat, A/C in rooms when they are not needed.
  • Rooms must be kept clean at all times, especially in shared rooms, out of respect for others.
  • Utilize your assigned space for your personal items. Don’t place them on other bunks/cabins, these spaces must remain available for immediate occupancy by new students.
  • Food trash must be removed promptly to preserve health and prevent insect problems.
  • Do not put any trash or paper into the toilet.
  • Each individual is responsible for removing the trash they generate

Dining / Tea Room

  • Wait for Tang Shifu to eat before beginning the meal.
  • Be conscientious of others
    • Don’t speak about inappropriate topics at the table.
    • Don’t pile up one’s bowl with food from the dishes/a particular dish.
    • Don’t change the table turn direction and keep the speed consistent (turning to the next dish every 3 or 4 bites).
  • Clean up after yourself, don’t leave dirty dishes, the last few people eating will take the dishes to the kitchen.

Training Hall

  • Remember to return all workout equipment to its original location.
  • Close the Training Hall doors when unoccupied.
  • During meditation and Qigong hours, be respectful of those engaged in this practice.

Safety Management Protocol for Foreign Students (Posted in the Tea Room)

  1. Students of foreign nationality should, upon arrival at the school, fill out a foreigner temporary residence registration for, and have it promptly delivered to the police station, for filling.
  2. Students should follow the school’s management protocol, showing respect t the Master, having a good community spirit with fellow students, putting in good effort in training, and taking the necessary safety precautions while training.
  3. One should follow the daily schedule, being on time for class, and miss class without reason; should one have a reason for missing class, one must inform the Master beforehand.
  4. Without consent from the Master, one must not go out to swim, scale height, camp outdoors, or engage in other potentially dangerous activity.
  5. Take care with electricity, fire and food safety. It is forbidden to smoke indoors, or on the bed, used cigarette butts must be disposed of in a fixed container after extinction. Please do not smoke in the woods or No Smoking Zones.
  6. Should a student head out from the school, he/she must inform the Master beforehand, and return promptly. Outside of the school, one must obey traffic restrictions, take care of personal safety, personal belongings and refrain from alcohol, one must not engage illicit sexual or gambling activity, as well as drug-use, and one must not do anything against the law in China.
  7. Students are required to take care of the cleanliness of the rooms, maintain good personal hygiene, with a clean ground surface and tidy rooms. All students should participate in the weekly clean-up of the school.
  8. Attendance at meetings for summarizing progress with training, addressing safety issues, and other topics.

Relevant Protocol on the External Reporting of Information

  1. In line with Wudangshan Entry/Exit Guidelines, students of foreign nationality should, upon arrival at school, fill out a foreigner temporary residence registration form, and have it promptly delivered to the police station, for filling.
  2. Should one find out that there is a student of foreign nationality at the school engaging in illicit sexual or gambling activity, as well as drug-use, one should promptly inform the relevant authorities.
  3. Should one find out that there is a student of foreign nationality at the school engaging in the collection of relevant news and information, in line with espionage, one should promptly inform the relevant authorities.