Master Tang Li Long (唐理龙)

Tang Li Long is a 15th generation lineage holder of XuanWu Pai (玄武派) and one of the “Five Dragons of Wudang”, official custodians of the lineage knowledge.

After a lifetime of devotion to the study and practice of Kung Fu, Master Tang’s vision is to wholeheartedly pass on his teachings through a refined teaching system. He believes the integrity of a Kung Fu master is vital to the student’s development. Being a good master, one should follow two main principles:

First of all, the master must be highly proficient in Wudang Kung Fu, the theory aspect, and continually practice. Second, he must be broad-minded, conscientious, and responsible.

Master Tang’s passion is for all students to grow into successors of internal Kung Fu (nèijiāquán, 内家拳) by motivating them to work hard through his methodology, which is straightforward, systematic and practical. This enables his students to understand the precise theories which support practical application and thereby all students are put on the path to embrace internal righteousness.

After successful training here is complete, you are then on the right and natural way of Wudang Kung Fu.

Master Tang’s Roots & Journey

As a child, Master Tang Li Long was completely captivated by his father’s calligraphy work and fascinated by martial arts movies he watched with his older brother. The combination of the beautiful ancient buildings, the natural scenery and observing the elements of hard and soft, the light all ignited a lifelong passion for Wudang Tai Chi. So at just 8 years old, he began his training at home under the instruction of his father…

His father trained him throughout adolescence until he graduated from the university. It was at this point his father encouraged him to move away to find a master who could help him advance his skills further. He moved to Wuhan in the spring of 1994 to study Wudang Internal Practices (nèigōng, 内功) full time. His skills quickly advanced and his teacher recognized his natural talent and in-depth understanding of internal martial arts required mentor ship from someone truly profound…

Master Tang was then introduced to the famous Wudang XuanWu Pai Grandmaster You XuanDe, Abbot of the Wudang Temples and keeper of Wudang Internal Martial Arts and moved to Wudangshan in 1995.

Later, Master Tang became one of the main disciples of Grandmaster You and helped him write down ideas about Martial Arts and Taoism. After studying for six months he served as secretary for the school and later served as Secretary-General of the International Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Alliance. These efforts are how Tang Li Long became one of the “5 Dragons of Wudang” and one of the most knowledgeable of Wudang XuanWu Pai lineage holders.

In 2010, with over 20 years of experience in Wudang Martial Arts, Master Tang opened Wudang Gong Fu & Health Academy. A teaching system that is different from other schools on the mountain. He teaches the foundations of the style and focuses on Basics, Qigong, and Applications. His long-term students have won many competitions and attained a high level of skill in Wudang Kung Fu. Master Tang has a remarkable ability in bringing out a good quality of training among his students and teaches the essence of Wudang Internal Martial Arts.