Included in tuition: accommodation with air conditioning, 3 traditional Chinese meals a day, WiFi and public washing machine.

Not included in tuition: training uniforms, bottled water, transportation to and from school, visa extensions, training weapons (Sword, Horsetail Whisk, Fan etc.), calligraphy mounting and school day trips.

Reservations require a standard 1,000 CNY booking deposit. This is nonrefundable and will be subtracted from your tuition upon arrival.

After arrival we collect a 500 CNY deposit for the room key and the room. This money will be refunded if the room is handover to us in the same proper state we hand it over to you.

Short-Term Tuition Prices

Kind of RoomLess than 1 Week1 Week2 Weeks1 Month
Single Room (with A/C)550 CNY / Day3,850 CNY6,000 CNY8,300 CNY
Cabin in a Triple Room (with A/C)500 CNY / Day3,500 CNY5,500 CNY7,500 CNY
Dormitory (with A/C)450 CNY / Day3,000 CNY5,000 CNY7,000 CNY

Long-Term Tuition Prices

Kind of Room3 Months6 Months1 Years2 Years3 Years
Single Room (with A/C)23,000 CNY43,800 CNY76,600 CNY131,000 CNY180,000 CNY
Cabin in a Triple Room (with A/C)21,000 CNY40,000 CNY70,000 CNY120,000 CNY165,000 CNY
Dormitory (with A/C)20,000 CNY39,000 CNY60,000 CNY110,000 CNY155,000 CNY

For long-term students, the first month’s tuition will be paid in cash upon arrival. This 30-day trial period is offered to allow you to acclimate to life in China before committing to the rest of your stay. This sum will be subtracted from the total tuition which is due at the end of the trial period.

People interested in committing to training for longer than 12 months should be aware that China’s immigration policy requires visitors to depart the country for at least 24 hours every 365 days. For more information read our travel information page.

On rare occasions, students have to take a short-term leave of absence for unforeseen circumstances. Master Tang is always happy to discuss these circumstances allowing both parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Academy Holidays

Please be aware of the official Chinese holidays when planning your stay, Master Tang may be away on major holidays. During the Chinese New Year, he will be away spending time with his family. Although the dates vary, it can be anywhere from December to the beginning of March.

Get in touch with us prior to planning your travel to ensure Master Tang will be available to provide you the best training experience possible.

As is standard in China, after agreeing upon a training plan, no further negotiation for rate-reductions can be accepted.

How To Pay

In order to reserve your booking at the academy, your length of stay and accommodation availability must be confirmed. Then, a nonrefundable 1,000 CNY deposit must be made. The standard way of making the deposit is by wire transfer to the bank account listed below. After the transaction is completed, provide us a copy of the banking information via e-mail so we can verify the receipt of your deposit. The remainder of your balance is to be paid upon arrival either in cash or by bank transfer. If you have questions let us know so we can help make this a seamless part of your Kung Fu experience in China.

Bank Account

Be aware of bank transaction fees and exchange rates when transferring money, we are in no way responsible for fees imposed by your bank.

Bank: Bank Of China
Account number: 6217 5876 0000 3020 775
Account holders name: Tang Wei Jian
Bank Office: Bank Of China, Hubei Province, Shiyan Branch
Country: China
Address: No. 30 Ren Min Zhong Road, Shiyan, Hubei Province, China.

Extra Services

We can organize the following on your behalf but you are responsible for paying the service provider.

Pick up from XiangFan Airport500 CNY
Pick up from Shiyan (Train or Airport)150 CNY
Pick up from Wudangshan Train Station100 CNY
Pick up from Wudangshan Gate50 CNY